Are internet Prices not supposed to be going down?

By Rudolf Pretorius

26 February 2020

I found an article the competition commission released saying that data cost should be coming down, having #DataMustFall being a big campaign in South Africa I found myself doing some more research on the topic.

After Doing some homework I quickly noticed a big jump from the data prices offered by ISP’s in the fibre section, just between ISP’s there is a big gap never mind year on year. I got the following information from Axxess

Link Africa Openserve Crisp Fibre VUMA Frog Foot OCTOTEL
10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps
R775 R645 R599 R705 R625 R715

Having Link Africa be the highest price for a 10Mbps at R775 and Crisp Fibre’s 10Mbps at R599 the difference is shocking coming in at a whopping R176 more expensive than its competitor(129.5% more expensive).

The big question is why is there such a big gap if it really is a competitive market then why are these companies prises to closer to each other’s prices? ISP’s need to be more competitive with prices, if they can do this the we can start hoping for cheaper Data costs. Until then do your homework or use mine.

Good Luck fellow consumers #DataMustFall.