Crisp Fibre VS Covid-19

By Rudolf Pretorius

20 April 2020

Covid-19 has put a stain on everyone, no matter how big or small you are. Some have been hit harder than others no doubt about that, and the stats prove that. USA has 678 210 total Covid-19 cases South Africa only has 2 605 total cases; USA has 34 641 total deaths South Africa has 48. That is because we made good safe decisions early.

Our country and our lives are not over. Yet lockdown, quarantine, panic buying, companies failing, extended lockdown, etc. This is the current state of our nation, the current slump our country is in, it is morbid, and we need to do something about it.

Crisp Fibre is here to start the trend, a trend of innovation and inspiration, as South Africans we are hard, we are persistent and we are dedicated, we do not back down, and we do not stop fighting. Crisp Fibre will do FREE fibre instillations with Free Wi-Fi router to get South Africans connected during the lockdown. Get off your slow internet and join Crisp Fibre, join our family.

Get on your computer or your cell phone or whatever you have and market yourself, start a business start a new you, start a new stronger South Africa united online.

“Innovation and inspiration come to those that want it and to those that work for it, go and get it.”

Stay at home and stay safe.