Openserve Package Changes

By Rudolf Pretorius

6 July 2020

Openserve package changes.

Openserve have informed us wholesalers, of certain package changes effective from 1st August 2020. This would entail package changes on the 10mb, 20mb and 40mb packages, all other packages remain unchanged.

Please see below a table of changes:

Current packages until the
31st July 2020
Download speed Upload speed
10MB 10MB 5MB
20MB 20MB 10MB
40MB 40MB 20MB
Packages effective
from 1st August
Download speed Upload speed
10MB 10MB 10MB
20MB 20MB 20MB
50MB 50MB 25MB

The 10mb and 20mb package will see symmetric changes, meaning that the download speed will match the upload speed.

The 40mb package will be upgraded to a 50mb package, although this will not see the same symmetrical changes as the 10mb and 20mb package. The speed will be increased on both download and upload traffic.

This upgrade is free of charge and will not affect your internet connectivity.

If you have any queries regarding this upgrade or would like to sign up with Crisp Fibre please contact us on the details shared below.


Contact number: 010 534 8416

Remember to practice social distancing, always wear your mask and sanitise regularly.