How to do a Speed Test on a Business (FTTB) connection


Tuesday, 26 July 2022


To check the performance of your line do the following:

  • Connect a computer directly to the router via cable.
  • Go to
  • Start the speed test by clicking Go.
  • When complete, screen shot the result showing the computers cable connection to the router.
  • Send the screen shot through to from the account holders email address.
  • To screenshot, please search your computer for 'Snipping Tool' or 'Snip and Sketch' or alternatively use the shortcut of 'Windows + Shift + S'.

For an accurate test be aware of the following:

  • Any other traffic on the line at the time of the test will detract from the result, it is best to test with only one computer on the network.
  • Never test via Wi-Fi.
  • Have as few programs running on the computer as possible.