How to Open a Terminal in MAC OS


1. Click the "Finder" icon in your dock. It's a square icon with a half-light blue and half-dark blue smiley face.

Click Finder icon

2. Click "Go" in the menu bar. It's at the top of the screen.

Go Utilities

3. Click on the "Utilities" tab.


4. Scroll down and double-click "Terminal" in the Utilities window.

Click Terminal

5. A terminal window will open.


Note: On occasion, we might request a traceroute from your connection to help troubleshoot a routing issue.
A traceroute helps us confirm that from your home or business connection the internet traffic is taking the right path to a specific server, such as

If you are doing a traceroute on a Mac, please follow the following instructions:

1. Open a Terminal as explained above

2. Alternatively, you can open the terminal application via Spotlight (the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen); open the spotlight, and search Terminal.

3. Type the following command and press Enter on your keyboard:

tracert {hostname}

Replace {hostname} with the name or IP of the server connection you are testing and push Enter on your keyboard.


You do not need to enter the "https://" or "www." section of the website's address.

It may take a few minutes for your Mac to complete the process. Your Mac will generate a list of connections between your computer and its destination.

If you see *** signs, that means "Request Timed Out" this may happen on a few 'hops', it's nothing to be concerned about.