My Internet is not working or is down


We really don't like it when our clients have no internet, so here are some checks you can do to self diagnose

First things first, I know that this may seem rather obvious but you need to check that everything is securely connected to your power outlet and that all the plugs are securely connected to all your routers and modems

1. Make sure the power supply matches the specs of the device ( Voltage and Amps)

2. Secondly please make sure that all the cables and specs of the device check how securely they are plugged in, we often find that sometimes the cables have not been "securely" plugged in or have "slipped out" slightly.

Router diagram

3. If everything is connected and powered up, you will need to have a look at your modem/ONT (small box without Wi-Fi) to identify the info we need in order to help you. Eg lights on both devices and cables for kinks.

ONT device

4. Once you have this information please start up a WhatsApp chat with us so that we can assist you.

Whatsapp line

5. Or you may log into your client portal at and log a ticket explaining the query you need assistance with. Alternatively, you may log a ticket with a detailed inquiry to our support email,, and we will respond to your ticket accordingly.

Portal login

6. After you have logged into your client portal, navigate down to the "Tickets" tab,

Tickets tab

7. It will then open up a page where you can log a support ticket.

Log support ticket

8. After a ticket has been opened, our support staff will assist you in resolving your matter.

Kindly Note: Another very important aspect that can cause Wi-Fi issues is if your router is old or outdated and cannot keep up with the demand. The best practice would be to replace your router with approx. every 3-4 years due to Wi-Fi technology always changing and getting better and your devices requiring more bandwidth. If your router is three years or older, please consider replacing and upgrading the router.