What DNS Servers does Crisp Fibre use?


Crisp Fibre has chosen to use Cloudflare's Anti-Malware AnyCast DNS servers which are super fast and available worldwide. Our choice is to provide our subscribers by default with the anti-malware DNS servers below. This is to assist in providing basic protection of our network and our customer's network from attack. These DNS servers DO NOT block normal websites and only protect you from known Malware/Ransomware websites.

Malware Blocking only (Assigned by default) Primary: Secondary: There are alternative DNS Servers that you may consider depending on your requirements and choice. These would need to be manually set within your router’s configuration.

For Malware and Adult Content Blocking you may use the below DNS servers Primary: Secondary:

For an Open DNS service with no Malware or Adult Blocking, you may use the following DNS servers Primary: Secondary: For more information, please visit https://one.one.one.one/family/