Why are international speeds often slower than local speeds?


Latency plays a major role when performing international speed tests. Crisp Fibre relies on our upstream provider to deliver traffic to international destinations. Some routes are more preferred than others and some servers take preference over others. We will endeavor to bring premium rates services to local peering partners like NAP Africa where possible.

Admittingly there are many factors that play a role in giving you an accurate internet connection speed test when performing a Speedtest e.g. Router, QoS, Wifi, server is chosen, firewall, different browsers, different devices etc.

Crisp Fibre recommends that you perform a Speedtest via an ethernet cable directly connected to the wireless router.

1. You may go to our client portal https://clients.crispfibre.co.za/portal/login and perform a speed test on there.

Portal login

2. Navigate and click on the "Services" tab

Services tab

3. From the Service tab, you will have to click on "SpeedTest gauges"

Speedtest gauges

4. It will then open up the speed test tab as below, you may click on start to run your speed test.


Note of interest: Symmetrical Speeds
This means that your upload and download speeds are the same in both directions. If you select a 10/10 mb/s service you will have 10mb/s download speed and 10mb/s upload speed. This is an extremely important factor to consider when choosing your service as such services as uploading photos, or cloud storage is directly affected by your upload speed.