Get fibre installed
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Get fibre installed in your estate/complex

How does it all work?

Crisp Fibre will install distribution fibre into a centrally located area in your residential estate, apartment building or gated community. We usually install our equipment in the gatehouse at the entrance of an estate, or in the basement of an apartment building. From there, we install fibre connections to wall boxes located in each apartment or home that signs up for Crisp Fibre's FTTH services.

When a resident subscribes to the Crisp Fibre FTTH service, an installer will install and configure a wireless router on-site and help the resident connect their devices to the network.

Once connected to a router, data and voice packets are transmitted at the speed of light via your fibre connection to Crisp Fibre’s nearest data centre in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban where you then breakout to the internet.

Get fibre installed in your estate/complex
Why choose Crisp Fibre?

Why choose Crisp Fibre?

Crisp Fibre's FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) solution offers an alternative connectivity solution to Telkom's ageing and highly congested ADSL network. The primary difference between us and other service providers is that our team consists of experts who have worked cross-functionally within the ICT industry at all levels.

We offer both turnkey and customised solutions and provide an unrivalled experience and expertise in meeting any of your connectivity, technology and communication needs. Our fibre connections can support all your telecommunication needs as they provide almost limitless bandwidth and scalability.

Our core fibre network is built using Dark Fibre Africa, Metro Fibre Networks and Openserve's carrier-grade fibre networks. Our network covers most urban areas of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We are also currently in the process of expanding our network to reach most metropolitan areas of South Africa.

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Crisp Fibre's key fibre to the home features

  • Open access network
  • Superior fibre network
  • High speed internet access. Never wait for websites to load or emails to send
  • Uncapped internet services
  • Same upload / download speeds
  • Low or no contention ratio
  • No Telkom lines required
  • Home phone services available
  • Replace all your Telkom lines
  • Easy telephone number porting. Keep your current number
  • Cheaper call rates. Call for less to mobile, landlines and internationally
  • 99% uptime & enterprise support
  • Single point of contact
  • Easy upgrade and downgrade
  • Video call your family with great quality
  • HD video streaming without buffering
  • Enjoy services like Apple TV and DSTV
  • Catch Up Plus and BoxOffice

Enjoy a home Wi-Fi that you deserve!

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